Advantages of Mercury Contact Slip Rings

Date: 2019-01-12 11:38:21

      Mercury Contact slip rings are another category of slip ring in the family of slip ring. The functioning and operation of the mercury slip rings are the same as that of any other slip rings. The only difference is the fact that the mercury slip rings take the advantage of the mercury contacts as a conductive medium for the transmission of the electrical and data signals. These slip rings can transmit signals and current under normal temperature and status. The connection provided by the slip rings is very stable and there is no electrical noise at all. The mercury slip ring is used in scientific laboratory and many extremely delicate and precision instruments.



Mercury Contacts

      The mercury is used as a contact medium in the slip rings as it is highly conductive to electrical signals and can transmit without the loss of transmission to ensure precise transmission. Moreover, the mercury without any impurities present is the best conductor. The mercury is in a liquid state when used as a contact medium for the transmission of electricity and data so the force of friction of the contact on the conductive rings is zero. This is also the reason why the corrosion of the conductive rings due to the work of the contacts is zero.

      All these factors lead to zero debris and impurities generation due to corrosion and friction of the conductive concentric ring surface. Thus, the electrical noise of the apparatus is zero. These are also one of the contributing factors to the reduction of vibration in the slip rings as the debris do not generate and so there is no chance of the debris being stuck in the internal parts of the slip rings and causing a stop in the transmission and rotation of the slip rings and in turn disrupting the transmission.



Low Resistance of the Contacts

      The contacts are highly conductive as the mercury is being used as the medium of transmission of the current. The resistance of the liquid contact to electricity is zero so providing perfect transmission. This also is a contributing factor to the very low or negligible electrical noise. The mercury contact used is in liquid form so the sealing of the rotary slip ring needs to be perfect so that there is no leakage. The insulation is used to separate the conductive rings from each other. This ensures that there is no cross connection for the transmission and there is the precise transmission.

Low Maintenance and Long Service Life

      The cost of maintenance of the slip rings is very low as they are made of anti-corrosive and highly conductive materials. This reduces the force of friction of the contacts on the conductive rings. As a result, the corrosion is reduced, reducing the cost of maintenance and in turn increasing the service life of the product.



      The mercury slip rings are a new and different breed of slip rings. They are used for very precise measurements. And just as the way of life of humans is evolving so is the development of the slip rings. And soon slip rings will become an inevitable part of every household as well as the industrial instrument.

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