Advantages Of Fiber Optic Slip Ring

Date: 2019-01-12 11:40:13

      Before heading into the advantage of fiber optical slip ring, it is important to have a background on the functionality aspect of the slip ring.


      A slip ring is basically an electromechanical device, which helps in transmitting the electric signals from the stationery to a rotating component. The definition of the slip ring brings into the scene the basic functionality.



      There are different forms of slip ring with varying functionality in terms of the transmission of the signal. For an instance, the ethernet slip ring is ideally used to transmit the data signals. There are various such examples that dictate the functioning of the slip ring based on the transmission property. Another such example is the HDMI slip ring, which is used to transmit the video signals.


      The above-cited examples are the outcomes of the advancement of the slip ring technology. When the slip ring came into the scene initially, it was categorically used in certain specific equipment for meeting the transmission purpose.



Advancement of slip ring and advantages of fiber optic slip ring


      The advancement of slip ring is entirety led to an upheaval in the quantum of slip ring application. It was no longer limited to the use of just in some specific cases. They began to be used in areas where its application was unimaginable at a certain point in time.


      The application of slip ring in the amusement parks and in the satellite communication was something that could not have been comprehended. But today, the application of slip ring in such field is a reality.


      The above changes came into existence with the use of modern slip rings like high-frequency, high-speed and ethernet slip ring. The latest inclusion in the industry is the fiber optic slip ring, which has its own set of advantages.




      The fiber optic slip ring has convincingly eliminated the flaws of the conventional slip ring. Such slip rings were designed just to transmit genetic signals, but the modern line of equipment required more than just the transmission of the generic signal. It required transmission of electrical, data and power signal.



      The need for transmission of the optical signal also came to surface, which could only be achieved through the use of fiber optical slip ring. They can easily meet the requirement of huge loads of signal transmission without any such real fuss.


      The chances of brush wearing out from the sliding contact mechanism is minimal. Thus, the lifespan of such slip ring is increased than the usual slip ring used in such conditions. The installation aspect of such slip ring is not much of an issue as it can be easily customized to meet the requirement of the space crunch.


      Thus, considering all of the above factors, the fiber optic slip ring has the tenacity to operate with a similar level of efficiency in any conditions.

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