Application for fiber optic rotary joints

    fiber optic rotary joints is one of rotary joints that transmit fiber optics signal on 360 rotating,Social development to today has entered a comprehensive information technology track, information technology is the transformation of text, pictures and other tangible information into the invisible computer digital information after processing, and has unlimited storage, transmission capacity, convenient to call features, now mainly through cable communication line, optical fiber communication lines and radio waves as a transmission of information pathways. Due to the limited amount of information transmission of radio waves, and less susceptible to interference, will lead to the transmission quality of information is affected, such as information distortion, clutter and other phenomenon. At present, the main way of information transmission is by cable communication line and fiber-optic communication line.

    Since the cable communication transmission is an earlier traditional transmission, technology is relatively mature, already facing elimination. Like many developed countries now have stopped the cable communication transmission line construction, fiber optic communication transmission will as a major developing transfer mode of communication in the world. In practical application we often faced with the rotating parts, usually can use fiber optic rotary joints - fiber optic slip ring to solve.

    Compared the fiber optic transmission to the cable transmission, fiber optic technology becomes more mature, the production is sharply increased, leading to the cost becoming more and more low, while cable cost rose because of the rising of raw copper prices. The fiber also has characteristics of large amount and stable of information transmission, no loss in long-distance transmission, etc. Fiber optic rotary joints is to transmit all kinds of information by light through fiber optic. Its principle is firstly to convert a variety of information into electrical signal, and then modulate onto the laser transmitter, through the strength of the laser beam to reflect the fluctuations frequency of the electric signal, delivered through a fiber optic target side, and finally reverts back to the original raw for human use. Due to the characteristics of the laser with a highly directional and monochromatic, so the interference for outside and loss of its own during the transfer process are minimal. Fiber optic slip rings technology now after 20 years of development, experienced three stages of short-wave multimode, long-wave multimode, and the short-wave single mode, the technology is more and more mature. In many rotary connectors, through a fiber optic slip ring can be solved completely. It is because the fiber optic transmitted is the light signal, so when use the fiber optic slip ring in connection, can be used in a contactless transmission way, thus the slip ring can work in the state of no wear, service life will be longer. It can be adapted to use in a variety of harsh environments, data transmission distance of more than 100Km fiber optic connection.

    At present, the fiber optic slip ring widely used in a variety of high-tech, high demand facilities such as robot, remote control systems, military, aviation equipment, submarine operations. With the continuous progress of science and technology, fiber optic slip ring will have more fields for operations.
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