Rotary Electrical Connector Solving Slip Ring Dilemma for Data Equipment Manufacturer

Date: 2019-01-17 14:47:56

      The brush slip rings were considered to be highly effective until the spurt of recent technological growth which led to more sophisticated production technique. So with the advancement of technology, the need for quality slip rings became natural. And it is of no surprise that slip ring manufacturer rose up to the task and in the recent few years have brought forward various kind of advanced slip ring to counter the inefficiency of brush slip ring.



Problems with the use of brush slip ring


      Normally, the brush style slip ring has the potential to transmit power to the analogue devices and the programmable logic controller. But the majority of the fiber optic manufacturer or for that matter fiber optic hardware manufacturer has reported a downside of using average slip ring, according to the which the normal brush slip ring caused loss of signal so the integrity of the signal to be transferred is hindered. Also, brush slip ring is negatively familiar for producing noise and in the noise is produced within the process of transmission of high-frequency ethernet signal (CAT5-CAT5e). The noise produced is enough to hamper the normal functionality of the business.


      Now it is not too hard to come to conclusion that with hindrance in the normal functionality of the machine number of units produced decreases and the only thing that rises is the number of the defective products.



      In order to solve the problem at hand, the manufacturers have taken innumerable steps right for the intense maintenance schedule to the frequent changing of components, which obviously in course of time became a burden in the budgets. All the steps taken proved to be of no use and there have been instances where the manufacturers have completely stopped using the machine. The reasons are for the manufacturers stopped the use of equipment for the following reason.


1.The loud level of noise for a prolonged period made the machine ineffective.


2. The current slip rings which were being employed required endless amounts of alteration and intense maintenance.

3. One of the crucial reasons amongst others which are probably the most pertinent of all is the ineffectiveness of the wireless solution employed. The problems relating to the speed of data transfer still prevailed in the long run.



Getting into the solution

      Having discussed the problem at length, it will be only fair to leave you all users out there with an effective solution. The problem at hand can only be solved by replacing the brush style slip ring with the advanced rotary electrical connectors which have the properties of releasing low noise and above all these slip ring alternatives are apt enough to handle the high-frequency signal, which makes the whole production process simpler. One of the slip ring alternatives that has been suggested for countering the problem of signal transmission is ethernet slip ring. The high-quality ethernet slip rings are highly effective because the loss of signal during transmission is next to negligible and the need for maintenance is of the general level and the frequency of maintenance is also reduced with the ethernet slip ring.

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