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At some time, some customers seek for standard slip rings,and other customers need high performace slip rings,such as mercury slip ring, fiber slip ring,but we note that quite a few customers log in our website as the customized slip ring, what is slip ring? What are the advantages for customized slip ring from MOFLON?

Customized slip rings are different with standard slip rings, most rotary joint don`t suit standard slip ring for most customers as the equipments` complex and diversity,so they are need to be customized,it brings troubles to manufacturer due to less quantity,ecustomizedly in debug phase,consequently, company must increase costs adopt finish machining not mass process.

Usually, some customers need slip ring with high current in terms of actual situation,for example,before we got a order which the current rating is up to 500A,as the quantity demand is small and there is not standard specification in market, as a result,it`s only way to solve this problem.
MOFLON have strong experiences in practical operation,design and communication and coordination of customized slip ring. quite a few customers are attracted by the reputation of our designers .all customers who order slip rings were attain their requirment and no one canceled their order.Flexibility is primary criteria to customized slip rings,there is no doubt that MOFLON is best choice for you whatever the experience or design.

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