The classification of slip rings and their respective advantages and disadvantages

    At present, there are all kinds of slip rings in the market,capsule slip ring, through hole slip ring, high-speed slip ring, collecting ring, collector ring, disk electric conduction slip ring, high frequency electric conduction slip ring, capacitive slip ring,etc. There are so many kinds of slip rings, which often make the needing people confused. Thus, according to many years` experience of developing slip rings, Shengtu Electronics Company makes a summary of the commonly used expressions in the market currently, which is convenient for customers to use.
    According to different distributions of ring, electric conduction slip ring can be divided into three types: shaft type, disk type and differential type.
    1) Shaft type slip ring:
    The ring surface of shaft type slip ring is distributed along the axial direction, and many rings are stacked up. Rings are isolated by insulating sheet. The contact media is distributed in the outside of the ring, through the spring or its own deformation to ensure reliable contact of electrical brush and ring surface. The more rings are, the longer the length is. Usually, the cap type slip ring, through hole slip ring and partial capacitance type slip ring all belong to the type.
    This type of slip ring has high reliability. In the material identical circumstances, all can achieve the same life expectancy. It can simply use the method of increasing the ring width and increasing the contact area to improve the carrying capacity. It can increase the thickness of insulating layer to improve compressive strength and isolation. Currently, the most widely used are the type of products.
    Advantages: simple structure, low cost, easy maintenance, short cycle.
    Disadvantages: with the increasing channel quantity, the length of slip ring is relatively longer.
    The special structure is as follows in the schematic diagram:
    Differential slip ring
    Fig.1 Shaft type electric conduction slip ring
    Fig.2 Disk electric conduction slip ring
    Fig.3 Differential slip ring
    2) Disk type slip ring:
    pancake slip ring is a kind of slip rings specially for solving ratating electric conduction in narrow space. The greatest characteristics of the type of slip rings is small space occupation. In a highly constrained occasion, disk type slip ring is the best soluation. The rotor part of disk type slip ring uses a series of concentric rings to load current and signals, and it uses insulating materials to isolate between concentric rings. The brushes are distributed on the top of concentric rings as the stator. This type of slip rings can realize multi layer stacking.In limited height, it provides enough access quantity.
    The type of slip ring has relatively high maintenance cost, and the dust produced by friction is easy to accumulate, resulting in the insufficient compressive pressure between adjacent rings and producing interference between signals, thus the difficulty of the type of slip rings is the selection of production process and contact materials. It needs powerful development experience and higher processing technology to ensure the quality.
    The commonly used high frequency slip ring, partial capacitance slip ring and mercury slip ring all belong to the type structurally.
    Advantages: small volumn and height aspect.
    Disvantages: complex structure, high cost and high technological requirements.
    3)Differential slip ring:
    Differential slip ring is a special kind of slip ring, which is through the differential structure and to cleverly use ring core to guide the contact points of relative rotation of upper and lower layers. It is mainly composed of three parts: differential mechanism, ring core, upper and lower contact points and some auxiliary parts. This type of slip rings can provide enough access in smaller space and the greatest difficulty of the type of slip ring is the fabrication of ring core, and the inner structure is very complex, and the assembly and testing are difficuties.
    The type of slip rings are mainly used in the radar system, which can effectively reduce the base height and the gravity center height of the antenna. This kind of use quantity is relatively less, mainly used for military.
    Advantages: small volumn, limited space can provide much access quantity.
    Disadvantages: inconvenient maintenance, complex structure and high cost.

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    The classification of slip rings and their respective advantages and disadvantages


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