All of Moflon Members in Sales Travelling to Hainan for 4 Days!

Date: 2016-06-15 19:04:55

      In March 2015, MOFLON Company made a great achievement. MOFLON monthly sales went beyond 6 million, so MOFLON Company rewarded all staff in sales a Hainan incentive tour. All MOFLON staff in sales went on this incentive tour for round trip. All sales staff had a great trip in Hainan. Wish that all members in sales could join hands for greater prosperity!

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Reference Parts# of Slip Rings as below:
MT80158 series Through Bore Slip Ring
Strain Gauges Slip Rings,low voltage slip rings
Technical Support - FAQ slip rings
How to select housing material of the slip ring
Slip ring for application and prospect in machinery automation equipment
MUSB2252 seriesCUSB Slip Rings

Pri: Moflon Products Attended the Hannover Messe Trade Fair in Germany! Next Italian Client Visiting Moflon Slip Ring Assembly Workshop!
An Insight Into Working Of A Slip Ring
High-speed Data Transmission and The Medium Used
Measurement and Observation at A Standstill For Carbon Brush Maintenance
Sliding Contact Integrity and Modern Slip Rings
Mercury Contact Slip Ring and Its Application
Different Type Of Slip Ring Assemblies


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