Application Case Introductions on Slip Ring Assy Applied to OLED Devices

Date: 2016-08-19 19:42:24

The OLED technology is the hottest topic in industrial field this year. From the market development space perspective, on the one hand, LCD itself has hundred billion dollars market space, meantime, there is an enough stock market space for OLED replacing LCD; on the other hand, VR and wearable equipments has provided a sustainable space for OLED.

OLED is a kind of self-lighting material, which doesn’t need back light, at the same time, it possesses the characteristic of wide view, perfect picture quality, quick response, and colorization. Moreover, it can shine with simple drive circuit; it can be built easily; it can be made into flexible type panel, conforming to the principle of small and light.

OLED displaying aspects: active emission, wide angle of view, quick response, image stabilization; brightness high, rich colors, high resolution ratio; meanwhile, with low driving voltage and energy, it can match with solar cell and integrated circuit. It can achieve large flat-panel display by adopting the glass substrate; such as making the substrate with flexible material, which can make foldable display.


Because the OLED are all solid-state and non-vacuum devices, the OLED possess the characteristics of shock resistance and low temperature resistance (-40 degrees). In military field, it also plays a very important role, for instance, the OLED are used as modern weapons such as tanks, aircraft display terminal and so on. Because of above-mentioned advantages, OLED display can apply to POS machine, ATM machine, and photocopier and game machine. In communication field, it can be used in mobile phones, mobile terminals. In business world, it can use in PC, laptop, sound equipment, and digital camera, and so on. All of these devices above mentioned will use the high-definition slip rings, conductive slip rings and fiber optic rotary unions or slip rings.

The picture below shows that the moflon slip ring assy are applying to a type of OLED concept vehicle.

From what is mentioned above can arrive at the conclusion that the OLED replacing the LCD has become a trend in the future. Furthermore, the Apple recently has announced that they will carry out the first OLED screen iPhone in 2017. Meantime, they plan to apply this screen to ipad and macbook, which has become a blasting fuse for the prosperity of OLED industry.

Obviously, the industry and capital market has agreed that the age belonging to OLED has come. Some high-class listed companies in industrial chain are expected to increase its market value in the future.

When senior?management at MOFLON Company has realized the great opportunity for the slip ring industry, hence, they devote themselves to develop and test the specialized slip ring assy for OLED series devices. Finally a series of slip rings for OLED series devices have been realized, which has filled the gap for MOFLON Company in this field.

MOFLON Technology Company is the inventor and technology leader of slip ring industry in China, who has been always focusing on providing high-performance slip ring solutions for global customers. MOFLON Company, specialized in designing and building customized slip ring, has provided innumerable high-level slip rings for all walks of life. tag: OLED devices; conductive slip ring; slip ring assy; development

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