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The Application Case of MOFLON Slip Ring in Lithium Battery Equipment

Lithium battery is the hottest topic in 2015, only second to VR technology,after the German BMW and Volkswagen have invested $10 billion to lithium battery research and development,the manufactures of lithium battery in China are meeting a large development and revolution.

Lithium battery equipment is divided into many sub industries and sub equipment, slip ring is mainly used in all kinds of winding machine, and lithium battery raw material agitator,it generally use 2 to 4pcs slip rings for each device.

MOFLON's executives realized that it’s a challenging industry and opportunity, therefore,focusing on whole company to develop and test the lithium battery equipment series of the slip rings, filled the gap of the company in this industry.

MOFLON is the technology leading of the slip ring in China,focusing on providing high performance slip ring solutions for global customers and all walks of life,customized for different requirements.

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