Moflon Successfully Designed a Super Mini Slip Ring for MAV

Date: 2017-03-25 11:40:22

With the development of WAV technology,it has been applied to different area because of the advantage of easy for operation,no limitation for land and take off,stable and safety. Usually using the miniature slip ring or MSDI slip ring to realize the rotating of high definition camera on MAV,the function of communications conductive can make MAV more intelligent.

Moflon designed a special slip ring MMC119 which is suitable for MAV,it has a OD of 6.5mm,length 11.9mm,has 2~8 circuits,can maximum support 2A.Using gold-gold contacts ensured the stability and life of slip ring,mainly for civil and commercial use. This product used the US Military surface treating technology with hard gold plating processing to ensure the low fluctuations in resistance and long life. This slip ring mainly used for small and medium-sized system control signa/power. For example,video,control ,power,Ethernet,sensor.It's maintenance-free with low loss. Dimensions



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