What are the functions and applications of slip rings?

      When it comes to slip rings, you have to understand the background of slip rings. In modern times, in the high-end fields of industrial equipment, there are many demands for multiple movements such as revolution and rotation. In other words, the 360; continuous rotation of the mechanical equipment requires multiple movements on the rotating body. With exercise, you need energy, and sometimes you need to control the source of the signal.To make sure the device cancontinuously rotated by 360° whiletransmit functional power, weak signal, light signal, air pressure, water pressure, oil pressure ,it would need a roate component,which is the slip ring.Slip rings, also known as rotating electrical interfaces, electrical rotary joints, are the electrical components thatused for connecting and delivering current and signals to the rotating body.It usually installed in the center of rotation of the device. It can be used in any electrical system that transmits power and data signals from a fixed structure to a rotating structure when unlimited rotation is required.

      The slip ring generally relies on the principle of elastic lap joint, rolling lap joint principle, or sealing principle, as well as clever movement structure and seal structure design, close parts production and reasonable selection of materials, etc., to form a stable and reliable rotary connectivity system. As long as the slip ring is attached to a device that rotates wirelessly, the rotating body can be provided with kinetic energy, so that the rotating body can perform other movements or detect working conditions in a rotating state while moving in an infinite loop.

      he traditional slip rings are using carbon brushes. However, due to their frequent maintenance and the inability to transmit signals, more and more users are choosing precision slip rings. The precision slip rings are compact, easy to install, maintenance-free, and easy to use.Which can transfer analog and digital signals.Moflonis one of the earliest companies engaged in the research, production, and sales of slip ring technology in China. It has achieved ISO 9001,CE and ROHScertification.

      Slip ring is widely used in high-end industrial electrical equipment or precision electronic equipment such as: aerospace equipment, radar communication equipment, medical equipment, automatic processing equipment, smelting equipment, and mines,cable equipment, amusement equipment, display equipment, smart camera, chemical reactor, crystal furnace, wire stranding machine, windmill, robotic arm, robot, shield machine, revolving door, measuring instrument, model airplane, special automobile, special ship etc. Slip rings provide reliable energy and signal transmission solutions for these electricalmechanical devices to achieve complex motion. After many years of accumulated experience,Moflon has more than 10,000 slip ring drawings database, has a very experienced technical team, in the design, manufacture, testing and other aspects of strict management, to ensure the use of timber.Coupled with high precisionimported equipment and high-tech processesmakes our product performance and specifications are always at the forefront of similar products in the world.

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