Moflon slip ring makes the traditional harvesters to be automated

Date: 2018-06-21 10:13:50


      The automatic harvester is a product with the most complex structure, high technological content, and strict manufacturing process requirements in agricultural machinery. Therefore, the requirements for operating users are also relatively high. The rotating winding problem will be encountered during the working process of the automatic harvester,however, the MW series slip rings which designed by MOFLON solved the winding problem and economical and reliable.

MOFLON MW series slip ring is designed for large currents and the max currents can up to 7500A. It uses contacts with extremely low contact resistanceand low heat. Ultra-large current housing with aluminum alloy design which has fast heat dissipation and plenty of cooling holes.Each slip ring has a temperature rise test and a large current impact tes. MOFLON MW series slip rings are widely used in agriculture, industry, military and other fields which can meet the various requirements of customers. Tag:slip ing,antomatic harvester,MOFLON



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