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slip ring industry depends on economic situations

The economic will may recession in the near future because of all different puzzles, so the demand of slip rings must be affected, but with the development of key components, product intelligent and the exploit of products, the slip rings will have a good prospect in the nearest future.

Economic is too complex to predicted, which is like a war and a competition from capital and strategy, the rival is not just one but from the whole world. Every rival has his strong point, but when the final important time is coming, some unexpected events and brilliant plan will be emerged so that all thing changed suddenly, this is the main reason for the complex economic, all of us know that those victors equip with good decision and planning brain. In recent years, the development of economic have a good prospect as the expansion of capital, at the same time, it brings so many chances to all walks of life, whats more, the development of the field of slip ring also depends on the booming of electrical industry, engineering machinery, intelligent device and so on, that is to say, if one field is failed, the related business will be harmed.
The current economic is located a complex and gloomy period, several economic entity

confront their own difficulties, the same is to the field of slip ring, a few years ago, it is totally impossible that economic was effected by different factors, construction investment actually is a transfer for the capital, the real benefit group is rarely.
The export is more complex, so many risks emerged from different place such as the rise of cost by the internal conflict, the appreciation of RMB and the worsen of production environment, and the worst thing is the crisis of debt from EU, which will lead to weak Eurosystem, the event of Toyota, violent earthquake and the unclear crisis of F island speed up the constant recession.

The America, as the world business kingdom, is prospect based on the capital plunder and transfer of risks, this decade, the devalue of dollars and huge debt make other countries deliver the profits to America constantly, America is master hand and they can lead the world economic to the more lower, only when all rival is fall down, the powerful status can be more stable.
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slip ring industry depends on economic situations

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