The emergence of the Moflon slip ring subverts the traditional cooking machine

Date: 2018-06-22 15:42:29

      Over the past ten years, the cooking machine has been using a simple and direct heating method. Until the previous two years, MOFLON cooperated with a well-known domestic cooking machine manufacturer who developed a compact, high-performance power supply + temperature controlled conductive slip ring.It allows the cooking machine to enter a smarter, more accurate temperature control, 360-degree unlimited rotation of the cooking pot, allowing the dish to be heated and heated more evenly. The fried food is more fragrant and more delicious.

Work principle diagram of cooking machin slip ring as below:

In general, cooking slip ring is divided into power rings(0-15A) and signal rings, signal ring main transmit thermocouple signal,to achieve temperature control and automatic feedback, this slip ring sometimes named as thermocouple slip ring. The dimension of cooking machine slip ring as below:

Cooking robot can help us to make delicious food like a professional chef, moflon slip ring is always committed to the progress of human life science and technology, continuous innovation to make human life better. Tag:Cooking machin,cooking machin slip ring,thermocouple slip ring

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