How is a Capsule Slip Ring fixed in a CCTV Camera?

Date: 2018-08-11 13:37:53

Let's begin with what actually a capsule slip ring is? There is quite a big chunk of people who are strangers to the above-mentioned term. In the simplest way, it can be perceived as an electromechanical device that makes the transmission of electrical signals and power possible. The transfer of signals and power takes place from a stationary object to a rotating structure, which is also known as a collector or an electrical joint. It comes in handy for any of the electromechanical systems that have a set pre-requisite of continuous rotation while transmitting power or data. What it actually does is, it enhances the mechanical performance along with simplifying the system operations.


The miniature capsule slip rings have the ability to transmit Ethernet up to 1000 Mbit with suitable cable cables and connectors. It is quite compact and small in size with an OD of 22mm. They are quite specifically designed for CCTV or small rotating system. The compact size of 22mm caters to the small/ medium rotating system which transmits low controlling signal. There is various circuit combination available such as videos, control, sensor, and Ethernet are some of them. The presence of low torque rates and low contact wear rates assists the video, Ethernet, sensor and power signals.

The CCTV and the security cameras generally rotate 360 degrees continuously. The security cameras must be put together in compact form. Now for such compact assembling capsule slip rings becomes imperative, which if present, provides smooth functioning. The capsule slip rings quite aptly handles high data rates at low cost.


The capsule slip rings are quite useful and have a have a long list of advantages. They feature a small size and high accuracy, also the combination of high precision instrument added with low torque and stable transmission adds to the efficiency of the application. It emits an extremely low electrical noise and is secured with gold plating technology. Additionally, the rotary electrical interface plays a crucial role in integrating high-frequency rotary joints, fiber optic rotary joint and electricity into a single unit to meet the needs of challenging fields.

slip ring technology

The slip ring technology is also known as "rotary electrical joint" technology or "electrical swivel technology. In the field of Radiology, it is used in MRI, CT, and digital mammography systems. Further, this technology is also found in vehicles, wind turbines, electro-optic system, propellers, and helicopters.


High-speed ring

The high speed slip ring is mostly used in those mechanical devices or for that application which features up to 10,000rpm. The fibre brush contacts of high speed slip rings brings in the benefit of long life and allow for operations up to 10,000 rpm without an assistance of cooling equipment.


As a whole, the Capsule slip ring is a combination of higher performance, high rotating speed, and low noise which can be used in both stator and rotor devices for simplified electrical connections.

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