MFS056 Series
OD 56mm, 2~48 rings,IP65/IP68
MFS056 slip rings
  • • Designed for water-proof or underwater working.
  • • Industrial quality level, stator flange,option for IP65,IP68.
  • • Gold-gold contact,with high quality seals.
  • • Specialized water-proof cable exit with stainless gland.
  • • Can be customized according to the requirements.
Standard series PART# Explanation

Product Quality Level Table
Products Level CodeMax speedWorking LifeContact Material
VC200RPM15Million Revs.Precious Metal
VD600RPM80Million Revs.Precious Metal

Mechanical dataElectrical data
Working LifeSee Prod Quality LevelPowerSignal
Rotating SpeedSee Prod Quality LevelRated Voltage0~440VAC/VDC0~440VAC/VDC
Working Temp.-30℃~80℃Insulation Res≥1000MΩ/500VDC≥1000MΩ/500VDC
Operating Humidity0~85% RHLead WiresAWG16#Teflon/PVCAWG22#Teflon/PVC
Contact MaterialSee Prod Quality LevelLead LengthStandard 300mm
Housing MaterialAluminium AlloyDielectric Strength500VAC@50Hz,60s
Torque1.0N.m;+0.03/6ringRes Noise<0.01Ω
Protection gradeIP65

MFS056-series water-proof/underwater
MFS056-P0210-S04 2 438MFS056-P0410-S02 4 238
MFS056-P1210 12054.8MFS056-S120 1254.8
MFS056-P0210-S10 2 1054.8MFS056-P0410-S08 4 854.8
MFS056-P0610-S066 654.8MFS056-P0810-S04 8 454.8
MFS056-P1010-S02 10 254.8MFS056-S180 1871.5
MFS056-P1810 180 71.5MFS056-P0410-S14 4 1471.5
MFS056-P0210-S16 2 1671.5MFS056-P0810-S10 8 1071.5
MFS056-P0610-S126 1271.5MFS056-P1210-S06 12671.5
MFS056-P1010-S08 10 871.5MFS056-P1610-S02 16 271.5
MFS056-P1410-S04 14 471.5MFS056-S240 2488.4
MFS056-P2410 240 88.4MFS056-P1210-S12 12 1288.4
MFS056-P0610-S186 1888.4MFS056-P1810-S06 18688.4

Rings and current can be customized.

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