Pneumatic Slip Ring: Know Everything About it

Date: 2018-08-13 09:39:01

Alternators and transmission machinery almost always involve the use of slip rings. For an almost inconspicuously mentioned piece of machinery, the slip ring is actually found in a huge variety of electronics and heavyweight gadgets.

      So what exactly is a slip ring? As per layman terms, it is a small device attached to a shaft that allows transmission between a rotating and a stationary device. The presence of the slip ring allows the rotor to maintain conductance with the stationary subunit of the machine constantly. This allows the rotatory unit and stationary to work together in an electrical assembly for the proper functioning of the device.



Since their introduction to the industrial line of work, slip rings have been configured and changed in many ways to suit the needs of a variety of machines and industries. From automotive to power generators, slip rings not only are devised in different ways, they even have different working principles. They can change current magnitude and direction, or just be efficient at conducting it without any modifications.


One such variant/modification of the native electrical slip ring is the pneumatic slip ring.


So what is a Pneumatic Slip Ring?


Slip rings are extensively used in both AC generators and DC motors. They are also an integral part of household power transmission. You can find the usage of slip rings in almost every appliance that involves a rotating motor in order to function correctly.


The slip ring maintains a conducting transmission line between rotor and shaft. In case the power is a lot, there might be a risk of a heat/ fire hazard. To prevent any such mishap, the slip ring suppliers at the start of the 2000s incorporated a new material for the Slip ring brushes - Liquid metal Mercury. The use of this new material in the brushes decreases the risk of a heat/ fire hazard up to a great extent.


The liquid nature of mercury and its high heat capacity helps it to soak up quite a lot of heat. At a molecular level, the mercury atoms glide along the surface and make way for electrons to flow through in the most simplistic manner possible. The low resistivity nature of metal steers the usage and concept of commutating electric bridges in a forward direction.


So, pneumatic slip rings are the mercury wetted slip rings which can conduct electricity in a huge quantity, without having any significant risk of heat or fire hazard.


Not only does the quantity of transmission get a hike in these cases, so does the quality. Pneumatic slip rings are very precise in Data fetching and thus have become an item of huge demand among slip ring suppliers. Quality products like moflon slip rings can improve the accuracy of the results.


Using Pneumatic slip rings can be great idea if the nature of operation involves input of a huge amount of power in order to avoid any kind of hazard related to overheating.

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