Evaluation for electrical brush and slip ring performance

    With the wide application of slip rings in a growing number of high-end fields such as: satellite, aerospace, deep-sea exploration, intelligent robots and other fields, the application and requirements for electrical contact material is also higher. Especially the special requirements of the practical application of satellite-based aerospace technology, in the harsh conditions of vacuum environment, high and low temperature characteristics, ultra-long maintenance-free trouble-free run, etc, however, these special requirements can not make clear analysis by the use of a theory, on the current level of science and technology, many studies on slip ring connectors can not be achieved to reveal the inherent law and control of certain scientific completely by theories. Use the real experiments, to test the reliability of the material and equipment in the special environment, or as the main research basis.

    In order to meet the application requirements of the slip ring in reality, need a set of electrical brushes and slip rings work performance evaluation device to evaluate the reliability of the slip ring. So that in a variety of special circumstances, to analyze and reasonably improve the main performance indicators of the factors affecting the high current slip ring, including the comprehensive evaluation of the formulation of materials, processing technology, and design structure, etc. Draw what kind of electrical contact material with better wear resistance, the conductive properties, and durability, what number of electrical brush and slip ring pressure is the most appropriate, both to meet the electrical conductivity and can wear the least, what kind of performance can meet the requirements of the satellite spacecraft on the slip ring contact and service life and reliability. Evaluation device application in a vacuum, the first is to polish smooth the contact surfaces of experimental slip ring and electrical brush with metallographic sandpaper, and then wipe clean by absolute alcohol, and then weigh out the weight on the precision balance, put into the experimental device under the vacuum state for operation, pass a constant current in the wind turbine slip ring and the electrical brush, measure the fluctuations value of the contact voltage to determine the end of the running-in process. After the completion, to operate the through bore slip ring in the atmospheric environment, measure the friction torque, and then put into a vacuum state, to measure the friction torque in a vacuum state.

    After the testing experiment concluded that, the contact resistance value and the electric noise values in the vacuum state, are smaller than at atmospheric conditions, the friction torque is also less than the torque in the atmosphere. Can be seen that, various electrical performance parameters and wear conditions of the slip rings, under the vacuum state and the state of the atmosphere, are completely different, so the data in the atmosphere can not be instead of the data under vacuum.

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