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Total Quality Control


At MOFLON, we believe that an effective and strictly managed quality control system is essential to the growth and expansion of our customer base and position in the slip ring field. Distinction and expertise can only be gained by developing, manufacturing and delivering the highest quality industrial slip rings, OEM slip rings products to our customers. We strive for excellence in everything that we do, and this is assured through our total quality control, which is maintained throughout the production process from plate production to the packaging and delivery of the finished product. By thoroughly reviewing each product through the rigorous supervision of our quality control system, we guarantee that we produce and develop the highest quality products in the slip rings field.

Quality Test:

At MOFLON, each industrial slip rings needed to pass a series of tests to ensure quality before shipment. The following is the list of test.

Insulation Test
Put 1000V on the neighbouring 2 wires(rings), and see if pass or not.
High Load Test
A load of 20 amps is applied for 5 minutes while the terminal voltage is monitored. To pass, the voltage must be >300 volt/ per slip rings.
Visual Inspection
slip rings inside are inspected for proper appearance of slip rings case, terminals, seals, markings, and the absence of electrolyte leakage. Several samples each day are checked for compliance with specified dimensions and tolerances.
Working Life Test
Rotating on the specified condition, and count the total revolutions when failed, and record it,then compare a batch samples and get the working life result.
Vibration Test
Samples of slip rings are subjected to vibration is any direction at the rate of 2000 cycles per minute and amplitude of 0.1 inch (2.5mm) for 2 hours. No signs of damage, leakage, or change in electrical characteristics are expected.

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