MSPS Series
MSPS series Single Passage Rotary Union(or Swivel Joint)
  • The MSPS series single-channel rotary joint are compact, light weight and corrosion resistant, it's stainless stell shafts and aluminum housings. All MSPS series models are standard with male shreaded.
Part# Product Passages Port size Pressure PDF
1 Passages G1/8" 0-50MPa
1 Passages G1/4" 0-50MPa
1 Passages G3/8" 0-50MPa
1 Passages G1/2" 0-50MPa
1 Passages G3/4" 0-50MPa
1 Passages G1" 0-50MPa

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MSPS series is single passage/1 passage swivel joint(or rotary union), the maximum speed of up to 600 RPM, can transmit compressed air, vacuum,liquid,oil,water at the same time, mainly used in continuous 360 rotation and need to get air,liquid passed, applications is all kinds of non-standard automation equipment, lithium battery equipment,industrial automation equipment, testing equipment, other automation non-standard professional equipment, etc.。


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