MVH Series
3~8 High Flow Volume Rotary Unions
  • • MVH series multi-channel rotary joints have 3, 4, 6 and 8 Passages etc standard specifications. Designed for applications that require high flow rates, the MVH Series has a larger diameter runner for vacuum and bi-directional pressures up to 7,500 PSI[500 kilograms].
  • • The heavy-duty alloy steel structure with corrosin-resistant QBQ nitride surface tratment and protected ball bearings makes the HVH series an ideal solution for outdoor harsh environments.
  • • All models are standard on the surface of the shaft and on the side of the housing with internal thread connections.
Part# Product Passages Port size Pressure PDF
3 Passages G3/4" 0-50MPa
3 Passages G1" 0-50MPa
4 Passages G3/4" 0-50MPa
4 Passages G1" 0-50MPa
6 Passages G3/4" 0-50MPa
6 Passages G1" 0-50MPa
8 Passages G3/4" 0-50MPa
8 Passages G1" 0-50MPa
3 Passages G1-1/4" 0-50MPa
3 Passages G1-1/2" 0-50MPa
4 Passages G1-1/4" 0-50MPa
4 Passages G1-1/2" 0-50MPa
6 Passages G1-1/4" 0-50MPa
6 Passages G1-1/2" 0-50MPa
8 Passages G1-1/4" 0-50MPa
8 Passages G1-1/2" 0-50MPa

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