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The package slip rings before delivery for MOFLON

There are some skills when delivery slip rings, and if we ignored details it will be easily to entangle some problems with logistics company, we have discussed the skills when choose logistics company in last chapter, and then when will describe those details of slip ring package.
With the combination of high quality and good service from our company, MOFLON sincere hope always implement high responsible and good attitude in the field of delivery.
In general, our customers from worldwide, in domestic, the farthest is the Heilongjiang river and Sinkiang so that the security of logistics is absolutely necessary, you can rest assured slip ring quality when delivery those slip rings. But it is assured by rules and regulations.

We must select types of logistics before delivery, such as railway, truck or plane? So the packaging usually depends on the types of logistics. But according to the difference of slip ring, we will choose different packaging, so slip rings will be packaging in terms of the protection class.
Three layer distributed packaging is the most general, at first external surface is bubbling plastic bags, and it can protect slip rings from friction and outside force, and there is not much problems even impact.

Secondly, MOFLON rules that per 5 pieces as a group and then package in large-sized bubbling plastic bags, and then put several bags in a cartons, what`s more it is separated between bags without impact by foam so that make sure the quality after leave factory.
For MOFLON, we not only value the details of logistics but also pursue perfect quality, From other perspective, good quality will reduce the cost of rework and logistics so that it will increase profit from long term. Choosing a logistics company, we not only pay attention to the slip ring cost but also more value services, reputation and the degree of cooperation.

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The package slip rings before delivery for MOFLON

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