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High volgtage slip ring

As its name, high voltage slip ring can carry high voltage when rotating. If slip ring`s rating voltage up to 1000V, their common voltage should around 1000V~~10000V, as the difference between China and abroad, so usually, the voltage hovering from 1000V~~6600V.

The high voltage slip ring is used to power supply in basic rotate, the motor power is line with voltage and current. It is difficult to manufacture or even lead to high cost if low voltage motor power exceed the maximum current, so that it will be fulfilled by raise voltage. When output end link with input end, the electrical slip ring must stand high load, so the quality of material and insulating material must be high.

In recent years, high voltage reel in ships and ship unloaders are break down often, after inspected we found it was leaded by high humidity, low insulation in cable end, low resistance between circuits, but slip rings in shore working very well. Humidity in sea is main reason after analyze, until now the only way is add a heater and enhance insulation by regular electrical heating.
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High volgtage slip ring

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