FAQ for MOFLON@ Slip Rings

    FAQ for MOFLON@ Slip Rings

    1. How long have we been in the business?
    MOFLON,founded in USA on 1987. MOFLON`s slip rings having been successfully performing in commercial and industrial applications for over 30 years,performing in aerospace and military applications for over 20 years. Typical applications include camera systems, robotics, packaging machines, medical equipment and a wide range of automation systems..

    2 What important technical data should be provided when choosing slip rings?
    When selecting slip rings, the following important performance specification should be taken into consideration:
    1. Operating speed rpm
    2.Circuits, signal rings (Circuit, ring and way are all synonymous. If there is a return path or ground then it is a separate circuit. In some slip rings a circuit can be used either way and is counted only once.)
    3. Maximum voltage and current for the power circuits and signal circuits.
    4. Type of signal (very important)
    5. Operating temperature
    6. IP grade ( sealing requirements)

    3 Why are the slip rings selected?
    Slip ring manufacturer, slip ring supplier, Slip ring China. In electric design, when the machine part needs 360 unrestrained continuous rotation, the leads should be connected to the rotation part, then the electric engineers will meet the problems of leads wraping. At this time, they need an electrical rotary joint, which is generally called slip rings for the rotation and transmission of power and/or data.

    4 What are the configuration choices of slip rings?
    Slip ring configuration choices include drum type or pancake type.
    In drum type slip rings each ring lies along the drum axis, like threads on a bolt, such as our SRC, SRH, SRT series products.
    In pancake configuration the rings are concentric, like grooves on a phonograph record, such as our SRP series products.
    At present, majority of the customers choose the drum type slip rings. Only if receive high limits, they will then select the pancake type.

    5. What is MOFLON advantages?
    We specialize in Customized solutions, Current our model have over 12000, and over 80% model customized with customer request and base on technology and full experience, our slip ring solution including traditionary carbon brush, gold wire contact, gold fiber brush contact, no contact transmit, each solution application depend on the customer real application request with economically, high quality and reliability.

    6. Why choose MOFLON product ?
    - We are ISO9001 certified company with stricgent quality control system.
    - Most of our test equipment are best advanced .
    - Long life product span .
    - We offer cost-effective price with reliability.

    7. Whom with us
    We are coopearting and growing with customers in difference industries. Our expertise meet various requirements and standards as well as in military specification.

    8 What are the configuration choices of drum type slip rings?
    According to the installment requirements, we will generally provide the bearing type, and the through-bore hole type.
    1. The customers who are familiar with slip ring can select the appropriate models according to the catalogs supplied. If the model you need is not contained in the catalogs, please offer us your technical requirements, and our engineers will design for you specially.
    2. The customers who use slip ring for the first time can contact our engineers, and they will solve your questions.

    9 Which part is rotor or stator in slip ring?
    Slip ring manufacturer, Slip ring supplier, Slip ring China. Generally speaking, the circuit part is rotor, and the brush block part is stator. The rotation of a slip ring is bi-directional, and there is no differences whether the circuit or the brush block rotates. As for which part is used as rotor, it is determined by the ways of the installment.

    10.How long is your delivery time?
    1 week ARO for standards.

    11.What is the caution while slip ring is installed?
    Please see Installation guide

    12 Can you offer slip rings which can transmit signals with high speed and high capacitance?
    Yes. The distance of the signal transmission is generally short. We have cooperated with a Netherland company and developed a slip ring combining the electricity and optical fiber. This model of slip rings can transmit signals with great capacitance, and we have a mass production with a low price.

    13. How can I trust the quality and performance of MOFLON Slip ring?

    Professional engineering, involved the project when program initialed, they delivered know-how for slip ring design,manufacturing & quality control.
    Our core engineering had nearly 16 years work experience, had 6 years several NPI development projects for Top 500 Fortune.
    Customize for each customer to ensure meet each customer requirement specially.
    DesignProtype Evaluation-Testing-Pilot Run-Volume Production full process under contol, ensure all our product can meet or over customer requirement & expectation.
    Our near 16 years low volume high mix production experience, we had know how to optimize handle the component & manage the supply chain & while control the cost.
    Design for Manufacturing(DFM),our project team reviewed the project with customer smoothly,provide DFM timely for manufacturability improvement.
    We had many successful qualification projects in different application areas.

    14.What signals could be transferred ? Is Multi-signal capable?
    It is very wide, such as USB, RS232, RS485, thermocouple, Ethernet, Servo, H1M1, video etc.

    15.What is the voltage & current range of the slip ring ?
    Normally, It is mV ~600V & 0~3000A.

    16.What is the through bore slip ring s ID range ?
    5mm.to 500mm.could be customized.

    17.If 500rpm is your highest working speed?
    No, our R&D could design slip rings according to your special requirements, and the working speed could be high up to 10,000rpm.

    18 We need slip rings which can transmit both power and signal. Can you provide slip rings like this?
    You can see from the catalogs that many of our products can realize the combination of power and signal.

    19 The configuration of precise slip rings is compact, do you have any measures for signal atni-jamming?
    Precise slip ring is a component with dense leads in a small space. Various signals are concentrated in the slip ring, so effect of mutual inductance and mutual toleration will be great. Because the contact part of brush and circuit cannot be shielded, the coupling capacitance will be extremely serious.

    20 At present, there are quite many types of signals, and the requirements are more complex, how many types of signals can be transmitted by your slip ring?
    Our slip rings can transmit all present popular middle and low frequency signals, bus-mastering signals, etc.
    Such as Inter Bus, Can-Bus, Profibus, RS422, RS485, PLC Control, Digital/Simulate Video, Digital Audio, Kilomega Ether Net, Signals of Temperature&Weight Transducer, and so on.

    21 We need one or two circuits which can transmit high frequency signals in the slip ring, can you produce a slip ring like that?
    Yes, we can. We have already applied the equipments to radar successfully. If you have detailed requirements, please contact our engineers, and they will serve you.

    22 do you have customized solution for slip rings?
    Our custom assemblies can be supplied with:
    Shielded cables
    Environmentally Sealed up to IP68@4Mpa
    Frequencies up to 500 MHz
    High-speed data transmission for fast Ethernet and Ether Cat
    Signal, Coax, and Power combinations
    High Speed up to 20,000 rpm
    Shock, Vibration, and Temperature Qualified
    Pneumatic/Hydraulic Capability
    High temperature---up to 450
    Large size sip ring---up to 2 m
    High Voltage & large Current
    Mass wayup to 800 way

    23 what is the application for slip rings?
    With many years of experience,our slip rings suit a wide variety of applicationsA few of these uses include:
    Wind turbine pitch control
    Inspection Probes
    Packaging Equipment
    Home Land Security
    Index Tables
    Rate Tables
    Motion Simulators
    Machining Centers
    Medical Equipment
    Semiconductor Equipment
    Pan & Tilt Cameras

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