How to design high current slip ring?

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    With the technology upgrades and features stronger of various automation equipments, the requirements for the performance of all kinds of parts in the design and manufacture process is higher, such as rotary electrical joints--slip rings to adapt to the application of technology upgrades in all kinds of performance have been greatly improved. Especially the slip rings which often used in equipment running underwater, because the equipment need to transmit all kinds of complex signals and dynamic power, on slip rings protection level, such as water resistance, resistance to wet have very strict requirements. Another example is large-current slip rings, and is commonly used in the communications apparatus and equipment; to avoid the transmission cable is broken by twisting when the system is in operation. Through the use of slip rings, to ensure the smooth flow of the electrical connection.

    In accordance with the customers` requirements on large-current slip rings, the electrical performance parameters provides for: insulation resistance greater than 1000 Megohms, the electrical contact resistance of less than 20 Milliohms, the electrical contact resistance after the life range of less than 25 Milliohms, and the rated current 100 Amps, two adjacent road withstand voltage of 1.5 KV, the rated voltage of 440 Volts, totally 4 paths. Mounting shaft diameter of 45mm, and a length of less than 250mm, the working temperature is -20-60 Degrees. Since the means of transmission is the large current equipment, the primary consideration is the contact and installation methods of contact materials and electric brush, in order to ensure the reliability and service life of large current slip ring contact in working condition. Second is the slip rings installation performance to ensure proper installation. Due to the slip rings need to be used in seawater environment, the shell material must be the corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Ring body and the brush is the key components of the slip ring, its surface using a thick gold-plated as the material for electric contact, the electric brush mainly divided into leaf spring brush and the linear spring brush, and the brush block constituted by metal or graphite, which generates a high current density and a minimum of wear, but the resistance is relatively larger. While the leaf spring brush can adapt for use in high-speed environment. The linear wire brush has excellent elastic and conductive properties. Summing up the above characteristics of a variety of brushes, and ultimately used as a final brush bundle by a number of brushes. The insulator may be using PBT as an insulating material; PBT has excellent dielectric properties, chemical resistance, fatigue resistance and lubricating properties. In the mechanical structure, it is necessary to consider the large current characteristics of the slip ring, is required of full co nsideration of the electrical insulating properties installation, maintenance performance, and other aspects when designing.

    Large-current slip rings have a unique contact and connection mode. Good electrical contact performance, long service life, flexible structure, and integrated performance up to the level of similar foreign products.

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    How to design high current slip ring?


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