Pneumatic hydraulic electrical slip ring: design and considerations

Date: 2018-08-18 09:18:11

Slip rings come in so many varieties and specifications for the sole purpose of transport of electrical signals, data signals, and transport of fluids as well.

The slip ring design can be accommodated into any machinery as per the requirements and design specifications. It can be utilized in a variety of electromagnetic systems for transmission of unrestrained, intermittent or constant rotation while the transmission occurs simultaneously.


Slip rings have forever reduced human effort and enabled effective data and electric transmission and find use in a variety of industries and niches. From huge wind turbines and machinery to something as simple as automation equipment, slip rings have forever dominated the industrial sphere and have even provided solutions for everyday electrical and home appliances. Another variant of the same includes a pneumatic slip ring which has a specialized design solely meant for fluid and air transmission

An electric rotary joint or pneumatic slip ring is another variant of the slip ring which is available in series variety. It can be used for hybrid transmission of power, as a control signal, encoder signal, wheregas, liquid, doesn’t influence each other. One requirement for this slip ring though is the use of advanced sealing for efficient transmission.. It can also transport across multiple channels simultaneously. And the efficacy and maintenance is favorable too.


Read this article to know more about the purpose, features and applications of a pneumatic slip ring.


Purpose of a Pneumatic Slip Ring:


A pneumatic slip ring has a 360 degree compression system and a negative and positive pressure gradient. It requires coolants as well as hot oil lubricants for effective power, signal and data transmission.

The various uses of a pneumatic slip ring include:


Transportation of gases.

Transportation of fluids like water, hot oil.

Transportation of steam.

Transportation and circulation of hydraulic fluid.

Transportation of vacuum.

Transportation of vitriol.



It can also be used in combination systems for transmission of


Control signal

Servo motor signal

Switch signal

Micro signal

USB, HDMI, ethernet transmissions

Fiber optic transmission


Coaxial RF high frequency rate transmission.



Features of a Pneumatic Slip Ring:


A pneumatic slip ring is specially designed to work under extreme temperature conditions and environmental stresses as well as simultaneous transmission of numerous fluids. Other qualities in this category of slip rings include:

Highly compact structure

Effective design incorporating both electrical and pneumatic variants.

Low maintenance

High speed transmission

High pressure as per demand

Effective transmission of electrical signals.


Transmission across various channels including 1, 2 , 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12.


Polishing machinery

Cleaning industry

Packing and filling industry

Automation machinery.


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