The importance of slip ring for automation industry

    Automation industrial production is mainly reflected in the aspects of large-scale, standardized operating, advanced production technology, perfect product inspection system, convenient logistics system, strict management and control means, and the continuous process of entire improvement, to realize the optimization of the product cost and quality performance. Among them the improvement of production technology is the core of the enterprise to reduce costs, improve performance, and enhance product quality, So the slip ring technology is very important for automation industry,

    Production technology includes production equipment, processing parameters, processing methods, processing operations, product assembly and product packaging. Continue to streamline processes in the process, with machines instead of manual to complete production process is the primary means of Automation industry to control costs, improve performance, and enhance the quality. But people can complete the complex processes of the machine can not complete, to achieve the machine instead of manual, and on the need to continue to simplify manufacturing processes, in order to fit in the machine production. As well as to improve the processing capabilities of the machinery and equipment, there are many devices can be used on a rotating platform, rotary joints and other accessories, in the above by installing the slip ring to connect, to achieve the increase of function, improvement of performance, expand of processing scope and difficulty. Slip ring`s application in the production, processing, packaging equipment is numerous numbers, such as: production robots, material handling systems, machining centers, rotary processing platform, packaging machinery and so on. In the practical application, the processing equipment of more functional, more complex structure, and more intelligent is more dependent to the for slip ring products. Many types of equipment required for rotating, in the design and producing processes, often encountered in the connectivity problems of the fixed portion and the rotating part, if use the ordinary wire connection, there will be the problem of wire easily to burn out. In this case, the slip ring can perfect solution to this problem. By installing a slip ring, can realize the simultaneous transmission of power current and the signal current, and according to the installation space range and structure, can be customized multi-path slip ring, and can be connected simultaneously to several hundred road passage. And can according to the users` different requirements to design all kind s of complex slip ring of resistance to high voltage and high current, can transfer light signal, high frequency signals, and a variety of data. It is precisely because of these unique performance features, in the Automation industrial system design and construction process, the application of slip ring more and more frequent. Many situations appeared such as the high demand, and the complex lines, so that put forward higher requirements on the slip ring performance.

    The importance of the slip ring in the production of Automation industrial design is ineffable importance, there are always new areas and new structures are needed for slip ring. Only constantly develop, improve and upgrade the slip ring, and constantly enhance the performance of the product in order to meet the real demand. The progress of the industry, will also give the slip ring industry broad prospects for development.

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