Through bore slip rings explained.

Date: 2018-08-18 09:15:00

A through bore slip ring is a special slip ring assembly with a large aperture. There are many disadvantages of large through bore slip ring including production difficulties, high cost, low speed, and high contact resistance.

These slip ring assemblies belong to the category of special custom slip rings. The have a very high production cost. But the copper slip ring will require customization in comparison. But there is no basic criterion while selecting basic parts in the case of a large through bore slip ring. You need to incorporate housings, wire brush, bearings. Moreover, the machining and assembling costs are higher. This is due to the higher volumes which necessitate the use of auxiliary equipment and more labour.


Through bore slip ring is used typically in drilling, and winding machines, amusement parks, port machinery etc. They have a higher weight because of more bearing, higher pore size and this is why they are used in heavier machines. You need to consider the strength of the through bore slip ring as they have a brush pressure problems and they are prone to brush elastic yarn failure. More apparatus is required to keep the assembly in place and keep the contacts intact. The concentricity is also essential as this directly governs its shelf life and stability.

A through bore slip ring is also known as a hollow shaft slip ring. It needs unrestricted and constant rotation at the place where data transmission takes place. It transfers data signals from a stationary to a rotating position.

Other parameters you should keep in mind include

Outer diameter

Inner diameter

Total length,

Number of rings,


Magnitude of current

Maximum speed

You can customize the length as well as the circuits, and current.

This slip ring is ideal for data transmission and can be used for power, signals, Ethernet, Profibus, Canopen, interbus, USB connections, and even fiber optic transmission. Fiber brush can also be used as contact materials here.


Structure of through bore slip ring

The basic structure of a through bore slip ring includes

Housing made of aluminium alloy which should be light and wear resistant

A shaft

Conductive rings made up of copper which should be concentric, and lined with surface plating.

Conductive brushes made of noble metals with temperature resistance, low contact resistance, greater conductivity, and low maintenance.

Insulation sheet

Brush carrier,

Precision bearings


Through bore slip ring is an excellent choice for heavy duty industries and high precision data transfer including robotics, CNC machinery, cable reels, fire trucks, engineering machinery industry and many specialized automation systems.

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