Separate Slip Ring and Its Uses

Date: 2018-10-15 16:16:37

      The usefulness of the slip ring depends on both the exterior and the interior design aspect. The basic use of the slip ring is based on the transmission of the signal from the stationary part to the rotating structure. Besides the generic use of slip ring, there is a certain specific set of slip ring which is used for more than just transmitting one of kind of signal. There is a different kind of slip ring with its own specific design which is used for a specific purpose. Here, we will study the usefulness of different type of slip ring.



      Let's just begin with understanding the basis of a slip ring. They are generally an electromechanical device which consists of a conductive ring, lead, connector, and brush. The slip ring works on the basis of sliding contact of the slip ring. In fact. It is the sliding contact between the slip ring and brush that induces motion and make the transmission possible, which in the first place is the basic use of any kind of slip ring as mentioned earlier.

Separate slip ring


      The separate slip ring is a special type of slip ring which is considered to be a deviation in terms of the general design of a slip ring. The deviation is in relation to a stark change from the combination of the rotor and the stator in a single unit to making the pars as a separate component to the user in order to fit with the customization requirement. Such kind of slip ring is easy to install and suitable for equipment with compact mounting space. Such kind of sip rings has a lot to offer first of all they operate with minimum resistance which makes the transmission smooth and not only that they also provide cost efficiency with low maintenance requirement.


      Such kind of slip rings operates under a current rating of 16A per circuit. While the level of voltage under which it operates is somewhere around 500V. The inner diameter of the ring or the rotor ranges up to 50mm and the weight of such slip ring is usually less than 3 kg. The temperature level under which the device operates ranges from - 45-degree Celsius to +125 degree Celsius, which is a testimony to the to the fact that can operate under harsh condition.


      Owing to its variety of features that set it apart from the other slip rings, the separate slip ring has been used in a variety of purpose. The application of such slip ring ranges forms military instrument to processing control equipment.to be precise they are used in CCTV pan, rotary sensors, robotics, medical and aviation equipment.


      The list of the advantage of advantage of such slip rings includes 360 degrees continuous rotation, long lifespan, low level of torque and they are also potent enough for high bandwidth transfer. Also, considering the modern line of slip ring technology development the list if the advantage is set to increase.

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