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slip ring for mining equipments

In the practical application, the slip ring are used as the part of ascending machine to transmit power and signal, from the broad definition, like elevator, steady vehicles and crane equipment can be included in the category of the hoist.

As a specified conveying equipment of mine, it can be classified with friction type and twine type . according to its different principle, also can divided into single rape, multi-rape tower-type and floor type.

The internal structure is relative to simple, but the reliability is highly efficiency, it is only be used in a shallow well and the load is small.
In the deep mine conditions, due to the heavy weight, single rope coiling machine is limited, Friction type effectively solve this matter, but with the mine become more and more deep, the static stress become more big, usually the depth no more than 1500 meters and still can use friction type hoist.

Multi-rope in principle is the same with single rope, the difference is the structure and the way of ascension of steel. Due to the use of the multi-rope winding, so its suitable in deep mine.
Elevator is main consist of motor, deceleration device, depth indicator, main shaft parts, control system. Hoist is dynamic system in mine lifting equipment, slip ring provide stable signal and energy transmission scheme. The domestic mine hoist is usually used depth indicator with two different types, the one is disc type, and other is arch type.
The depth indicator is equip with alarm to remind the driver to slow down the speed, when hoist is in working status, it must be pay attention to the machine parts, whether the operate voice, depth indicator and instrument facilities are normal or not.

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