High Current Slip Rings and Its Advantages

Date: 2018-10-19 18:23:41

      The high current slip ring is also known as conductive slip rings, which is not a thing of past. This kind of slip ring came into the scene with the advent of modern and technologically upgraded mechanical equipment along with other automation equipment.

      Now, it makes complete sense to operate a modern set of machinery with an advanced set of slip ring in order to derive the maximum amount of return forms the huge amount invested in such machinery. As it would be of no use to include average slip ring as it might not just hamper the functioning. But at the same time, it might lead to the excess amount being incurred in repairs and maintenance. Thus, the introduction of conductive is a clear bonus for the user because they are designed in such a way that it can handle the pressure and at the same time augur the performance of the concerned device.

      There are different kind of equipment which requires a different set of the slip ring with a distinct design. Thus, the user needs to place in that extra effort in identifying the set of slip ring that suits the situation best. The need for selecting the right set of slip ring arises from the fact the operating environment requirements varies with the kind of equipment in use. The list of requirements includes factors like the current, rotational speed, voltage, type of insulating material used, and finally, the levels of protection.


      Considering the varying factors mentioned above, the slip ring suppliers have come up with various forms and model of conductive ring and high current slip ring is one of its forms. It (high current slip ring) is primarily used in communication equipment as it helps in seamless transmission of electrical signals, which is crucial in any device, let alone communication equipment. But in the case of such equipment, the whole deal is about the transmission of electrical signals for communication.


Advantages of high current slip rings

      The use of high current slip ring has brought into play several advantages which range from providing uninterrupted levels of electrical transmission to a longer lifespan. Some of the advantages are listed below.


1.Use of high-quality graphite conductive material that provides that regularity in the conduction of electrical signal which is further transferred.

2.The level of current that is transferred using such slip rings can rise up to hundreds of amperes.

3.It is not just about transmitting electrical signals they can even be handy in transmitting varying data bus protocol.

4.The need for maintenance is almost menial and the lifespan of such a slip ring is usually high.

5.The factor that makes such slip a perfect fit for surveillance equipment is its ability to rotate continuously 360 degrees and at the same transmit power and data signal.


      In the light of the above advantages, the high current slip might be a perfect solution that users were looking for to enhance the performance level of modern communication equipment.

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