Understanding What Are Ethernet Slip Rings and Their Application

Date: 2018-10-18 19:34:37

      There are situations when slip rings are used to transmit data signals of different types from a rotatory to a stationary structure. This is achieved with the use of special kind of slip ring called ethernet slip rings. The enormous growth in the use of Gigabit Ethernet sparked renewed ability of a slip ring to function or operate in a CAT5 or CAT6 environment network. The designers of slip rings are able to meet new challenges of more and more exact performance parameter and innovation in the method of managing losses, controlling crosstalk and matching impedance. Ethernet- slip rings solution has developed a reliable product which allows the transfer of Ethernet protocol through a rotating surface.


The slip rings have been pre-configured for HD transmission and Ethernet

They provide low torque and low electrical noise

The RJ45 connector is used for standard and direct plug and play and other options are available upon request

The high performance of the contact technology used

These are available with more than one or various Ethernet channels, signals and power combinations.

360 degrees of rotating and continuous transmission

Can transmit digital analog and digital signals at the same time

The designs of slip rings are modular and compact so can fit in any environment

They have a very high transmitting value of up to 5 Gigabytes per second/ 5 Gigahertz

No maintenance and long service life

What slip rings to be used?

      There are basically three factors which must be considered when integrating a slip ring in the Ethernet communication line. The three factors are Insertion Loss, Crosstalk and return loss. The Bit Error Rate and ultimately noise ratio of the communication line is established by these parameters.

Uses of slip rings

      Slip rings are used to run power, control circuits and sensors from stationary to rotating platforms. The copper channels in the slip rings are used to carry power and control signals and LAN circuits through it. Ethernet slip rings are used in military equipment such as camera systems, laser systems, sensors and they can be compacted into other devices as well. For energy generation fields they are specially designed for harsh environment and high performance. Ethernet slip rings are used in wind turbines have a lifetime service of up to 20 years and more than 140 million rotations. They are reliable and low maintenance. Coreless motors and high-speed slip ring can transmit data at a high rate for security devices. Robotics industry design robots for different tasks but they all utilize motors to drive their joints and slip rings transmit signals and power through those joints giving better performance and reliability and continuous motion and data transfer.

Reference Parts# of Slip Rings as below:
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MPCB012 series PCB Slip Rings
MP380 series Pancake Slip Ring
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MHF200 series High Frequency Rotary Joint
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