The Design Aspect of The High Current Conductive Slip Ring

Date: 2018-10-26 20:06:18

      The high current conductive slip ring is a crucial component for almost majority of the majority of the modern communication equipment, primarily due to its capacity to transmit an electrical signal continuously. They are designed along the lines of modern slip ring technology. The inclusion of modern technology makes it a high performing slip ring. They have a wide range of application and let's discuss at length about the design cue of the slip rings. It might help in uncovering reason due to which it has a wide range of application. It would also be interesting to note the details in design which induces such benefits.


The design aspect of the high current slip ring

      The high current slip ring is designed in such a way that transmission of the high level of electrical signals almost becomes innate. The keys elements which are required to be present in the first place to allow such level of transmission to occur includes the contact material, brush contact, and proper insulation.

      The carbon brush contact and a brush holder are placed at perfect angles in order to maintain the sliding contact. Generally, such kind of slip ring is used in oceanic conditions hence high-quality insulation material is used. The shield of insulation helps to prevent corrosion which decreases the need for regular repairs and maintenance. All of the above factors lead to an increased lifespan. The contact brush which is an essential component of the high current slip ring along with it with its external surface has a layer of metal covering.


      In case of such a slip ring, a thick surface of gold is used as the electrical contact material, which is very rarely seen in conventional slip ring. It (high current slip ring) mainly includes the sheet and linear spring brush. Also, contact brush made up of graphite and metal block is rising in popularity as they bring in to the high current density in the scheme of things along with exhibiting minimum wear.


      In case of the high-speed operating environment, flake brush is preferred as compared to brush made of other materials. The linear wire is used to meet high conductivity requirement final choice of brush is arrived at using different combinations of the same. The slip ring manufacturers use PBT for insulation as it can handle the high current load. It also possesses the properties of chemical resistance along with fatigue resistance.


      Considering the mechanical structure, the user needs to figure out the characteristics that must be in the chosen high conductive slip ring. It is also highly recommended to rope in a technician and get familiarized with design and choose the right insulation material. A proper maintenance schedule must be carved out as it as a dual benefit. first, it helps in maintaining the performance level and secondly, it increases the lifespan of the slip ring.

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