How to Determine the Quality of a Slip Ring?

Date: 2018-11-08 14:01:55

      A slip ring is perceived as an electromechanical device which is placed in a rotating system for allowing the transmission of a signal to take place. The slip rings are further available in its standard or customized form. Both forms have their own set of advantages, but of late, the customized slip rings are gaining quite a popularity. The use of slip ring has made the functioning of modern machinery in the core industrial process more productive and not just in industries the latest set of slip ring which incorporates with modern slip ring technology has been a revolution in various fields. The list of modern slip ring is endless they are generally divided on the basis of their application and functionality. Some of the widely used slip rings are electrical slip rings, mercury slip ring, and ethernet slip. However, the list does not end here, there are plenty of other slip rings available at the disposal of the users.

The quality aspect of a slip ring

      In the recent past, various slip ring manufacturer has received complaints from the users regarding the quality of the slip ring. This situation arises largely due to the misleading services or advertisements. Also, in the majority of cases, it is seen that user is not willing to put aside a considerable budget which in the first place we required for obtaining the right quality slip ring. Having said that there are situations where the customer is lost for choices and simply pick the wrong set of slip rings, this case is commonly associated with choosing a slip ring for a precision instrument.

      The choice of best quality of all rings is based on the components installed in the unit. various slip ring suppliers conduct a series of test before passing the slip ring for the final use. There are several factors which could help in determining the quality of a slip ring.

Observation of the structure on the surface

      The users must observe the exteriors of the slip ring and the visible wire structure and look for any kind of anomaly. If there is no such issue with the wiring structure, more often than not, the quality of such slip ring is considered to be excellent. As the internal components are well tested and it is only through the supply chain the visible wires at the exteriors can get damaged.

The rotational speed and noise element of the quality slip ring

      The quality of slip ring can be ascertained through the pattern of rotation of the slop ring. Generally, in case of a best quality slip rings, the required rotational speed is achieved without much of a fuss and the noise levels are really low. While in case of a slip ring where the rotational speed has distorted the level of noise would be quite high which in turn would be a good indicator of the quality of the slip ring.

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