Slip Rings for CT/ Medical

    Slip Rings are widely used on CT/Medical field, the medical equipment as the Peugeot product line the development of science and technology level, cohesion the best research teams of the society, around the world every year in the medical field to put in a lot of financial, human and material resources. It requires comprehensive multi-discipline, many of which are the era of state-of-the-art science and technology. Including emerging disciplines such as physics, electronics technology, calculators, biotechnology, chemical, and so on, is undoubtedly the products of an aristocratic family. And high intelligence is a trend of development. In many medical devices rotary activities joints, the application of the slip rings is indispensable, such as: the inspection equipment very commonly used in the medical, CT.

    CT is invented by British scientists Rumsfeld, a powerful patient`s condition inspection equipment, referred to as X-ray tomography technology. Using different X-ray absorption rate of the different organs of the human body, the X-ray is cast into the human body, using high precision instruments through the line to check through the human body to analysis, can find very subtle lesion of the body parts. X-rays emitted by the X-ray tube, the conventional X-ray tube and the detector turret is connected around the cable, the work is very inconvenient, can not rotate freely back and forth, and bring many bad impacts for the inspection of the patient`s condition. When a slip ring technology used in CT equipment, X-ray tube and detector can achieve unlimited 360 ° continuous rotation, which has significantly improved the speed and effectiveness of the entire inspection. These data, collected by the X-ray tube and detector needs to be transferred to the host, after host operation processing, can get the pictures information we need. Therefore the slip ring which been used on the CT, on the one hand, need to transfer power, on the other hand, need to transfer data. Maintenance of the X-ray tube and detector are rotated, the X-ray tube to emit X-rays, and is a group of power supply with more than 400V. There is another group of the data collected by the transmission X-ray tube and the detector.

    For the majority of people can enjoy the results of social development, the national health care reform efforts increase, and rural medical insurance system reform since 2010. Medical insurance plays an active role in stimulating domestic demand, stimulate consumption, and contribute to the sustainable development of the national economy. Supporting facilities for medical devices and inputs the one hand, the other hand to reduce the cost to go to the hospital. Market demand for the medical device industry will be greatly improved. We can bold prediction of the next decade; the medical device industry will be the decade of gold. The slip ring as key parts of the rotary joint also bound to have a huge demand.

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    Slip Rings for CT/ Medical


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