An Insight In To Standard and Customized Slip Ring

Date: 2018-11-08 13:59:17

      The functionality aspect of the slip ring depends largely on the structure and the design cue of the electromechanical device at hand. The design of a slip ring, in turn, depends on whether the slip ring includes the standard formation or it is customized. The customization aspect of the slip ring can be made to introduce both a minor functionality change to a major one.

      The standard slip rings do have a place in the modern industry, but having said that, it cannot be overlooked that majority of the customers are opting for a customized set of the slip ring.

Choosing the correct form of slip ring

      The way to decide whether you should go for a standard slip ring or a customized variant depends upon the space constraint and the size of the ring. Also, another important factor which needs to be taken into consideration is the structure of the equipment at hand. There are several types of equipment which operates at a certain speed and at a certain temperature. A normal set of slip rings in most cases are not able to sustain the level of temperature or the rotational speed. So in such cases, the generic structure of the slip ring has to be altered and customization becomes the last resort.

      Most of the standard slip rings have a set of specific components which are included almost by all the slip ring manufacturer. Unless they have a patent over a certain design cue. Some of the primary forms of standard slip rings include the through hole slip ring and capsule slip ring. The standard slip ring, especially, the through hole rings mostly retain its general structure. But in a special case, such slip rings are altered to enable mixed signal transmission through multiple channels.


The relevance of a customized slip ring

      Speaking of the relevance of a customized slip ring in modern is something that is really fascinating. Gone are the days when a simple slip ring assembly unit can provide the required level of efficiency. It is highly probable that the use of a standard slip ring will just make the matter worse for the equipment at hand. In many cases, due to a high rotational speed, the wires get dangled in the system, which increases the chances of the entire operating activity to come to a standstill. So, it is always advisable to go through the customization requirement well in advance. One of the probable reasons as to why some of the users resort to standard slip ring is the fact that customization adds to the expenses column and they can draw out a considerable amount from the budget of the user. On the contrary, the user tends to overlook the fact that that non-inclusion of slip ring with latest slip ring technology will just amount to high maintenance cost in the long run and in some cases, the entire unit may be replaced.

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