Miniature Slip Ring Production Methods

Date: 2018-11-09 18:54:09

      Electric rotatory connecter or slip rings facilitate the transmission of power and electric signals with the help of contact between the rotating rings and the sliding contact carbon brushes. The slip ring is most of the times composed of conductive rods, carbon brushes, and other component parts. The conducting rod is made up of the shaft of the slip ring; the conductive rings which rotate and the insulating material between the rings so as to minimize interference. According to the method of forming the rod of the slip ring, slip rings can be divided into the laminated slip ring, the overall Glue slip rings and slips ring electrochemical deposition of three structural forms.

      The conventional slip ring is axially laminated to insulate the conductive ring between the sheets of insulating material to achieve, radial positioning and radial insulation between the conductive ring sheet and the slip ring shaft. The disadvantages are that the thin-walled insulating sleeves pose more difficulties. The insulating sleeves increase the slip rings radial dimensions and at the same time, the use of thin-walled insulated sleeves can only open groove in the slip ring shaft, this reduces the stiffness of the shaft.

Overcoming the deficiencies

      To overcome the deficiencies of the previous technologies and provide a significantly reduced slip ring radial dimension, and in addition to this improve the stiffness of the slip ring shaft, the technical solution that can be provided is a radial insulation of the laminated conductive slip ring, the outer surface of the slip ring shaft should be semi-finishing, with coating thickness of 0.15 to 0.3 mm on the electrically conductive rings and the insulating sheet at intervals along the shaft of the slip ring. The brush is mounted in the brush carrier in close contact with the conductive ring; the brushes are composed of several U-shaped brush filaments. The brush holders are mounted on the sleeves between the slip ring shaft and the sleeve of the rolling bearing. The arrangement of slip ring shaft and sleeves relative rotation facilitates in achieving multi-channel transmission of electrical signals. This is also facilitated by the relative rotation between the components, by the electrically conducting sheet Lead through the slip ring and brush and the sub angles provided on the slip ring shaft.

      The top priorities have been product quality, technology, service and the interest and utility to consumers as a core of development. And today slip rings are recognized as an integral and indispensable part of any machinery or equipment. Everywhere space is limited and where space is limited and critical, the miniature slip ring can be used due to its compact design. As there is development in the industrial field, the slip ring manufacturer have also increased their efforts to produce more advanced form of miniature slip ring. Latest fiber brush technology and precious multi-contacts are used in the capsulated miniaturized slip rings. These miniaturized slip rings offer low electrical noise for the high rate of data transmission.

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