An Insight into Different Aspect of High-Performance Slip Ring Maintenance

Date: 2018-11-15 18:16:22

      The high-performance slip ring has been most widely used in almost every industrial sphere. The reason for its pronounced usage lies in the fact that such slip ring is reliable and can be easily maintained. Having stated the wide use of such slip ring, it is important to highlight the current trend of lack of knowledge regarding the maintenance which limits the use of such slip ring at its peak performance level. The high-performance slip ring is used in a wide range of fields which includes aviation, military, industrial equipment and various other similar kinds of rotary system.


The slip ring assembly process


      The manufacturing process of high-performance slip ring is not limited to the inclusion of a standard set of design which is predetermined. There are cases where the design of such slip ring is altered through customization. In such a case, the correctness and clarity in the design structure become quite important because the way to derive maximum return with limited maintenance requirement is completely based on choosing the correct design pattern. Another key factor which determines the maintenance requirement is the structural formation of the slip ring and its components. It is also imperative that installation of components it the slip ring assembly unit should be devoid of any kind of deviation from the standard.

Improving the life of slip ring through maintenance and tests


      It is quite evident that a perfect maintenance schedule can augur the life of the slip ring, but how do we determine the right maintenance schedule? A question which for a considerable period of time have kept the slip ring supplier and other technician and finally the ultimate user in a state of dilemma. After all, the chain of information flow regarding maintenance requirement has to flow from the slip ring manufacturer or suppliers and other technicians finally to the user. The solution presented for the above case is in the form of multiple parameter tests which mainly resonates the idea of gathering data related certain key parameters like static and dynamic contact resistance, ascertaining the level of friction torque, and running a check on the resistance strength.

Role of operating speed and resistance level in determining the maintenance schedule


      It is quite a stated fact the different set of slip rings have a unique design pattern which highlights the difference in rotational speed. Also, in the scope of testing for ascertaining rotational speed is not limited to acquainting information regarding an average level of rotational speed, instead, gathering data related to maximum operational which again varies for each kind of slip ring. One of the important points to be taken care of is that at any point the operating speed of the equipment at hand should not exceed the rotational speed of the slip ring itself. The reason being, when the rotational speed of the machine exceeds the speed of the ring itself. The level resistance induced in the system increases with the sliding contact between the slip ring and brush which affect the long life of the slip ring at hand and increases the need for maintenance.

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