The Need for Slip Rings and Modern Challenges

Date: 2018-11-20 16:15:26

      The rate at which the current technology advancing we are yet to see some of the most sophisticated equipment of this century. Starting from robotics to the space equipment, we are quite there in terms of the requisite to transform the so-called pipe-dreams into reality. But are we ready for the change, it's not just in terms of our acceptance, but do we have the have right kind of technical elements which would augur the performance of the device at hand or for that matter just fit into them? Yes, here we are referring to elements like a slip ring which is included in all kind reporting equipment off-late.

      The slip rings are devices which helps to transmit signals from a stationary source to a rotating component. Having stated that slip rings are used in almost all kind of fields, we should try to understand why is there such massive prevalence in terms of the application of slip ring?

The need for slip rings

      One of the questions has amazed everyone who is familiar with the term slip ring is that what is the reason behind its ubiquitous use of slip ring? To answer that question, we need to go back say two or three decades back. In those days the equipment used was not as advanced as today so the amount of transfer of signal and power was minimal and could have done with a cable wire transmission set up. Now, as the years rolled the use of cable wires for transmission started to become redundant. There was two prime reason for such kind of redundancy. Firstly, the amount of load in terms of the signal, transfer started to soar high and secondly, the cable wires used then were more susceptible to damages and have to be replaced frequently. So, the search for a better alternative began and few years down the line, we were introduced to a unique form type of electromechanical device which could eliminate the drawbacks pertaining to both load handling and damaged wires. So, from there on slip ring began to be used in almost all kind of rotating equipment.

The challenge of advancement

      The use of slip ring in the modern has not been a smooth sailing due to changes which was introduced in the system in the wake of technological upgrade. Some of the challenges which it brought to the platter for the slip ring manufacturer included tacking with size constant, multiple signal transmission and continuing the process transmission process during the rotational motion.

      The list of equipment with size constraint kept on increasing and the need for smaller slip rings became a mandate, so the slip ring manufacturer came up with something called miniature slip ring, which swept away the problem of size constraint. Following the similar trend of introducing new kind of slip ring to eliminate the existing problem. The slip ring manufacturers came up with hybrid slip ring and ethernet slip ring. Such slip ring is a prime example of slip ring technology being given a shape. The ethernet slip ring brought an end to the problem of high-frequency data signal transmission and the hybrid slip rings solved the problem of dual signal transmission during the rotational motion.

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