The Categorization of Slip Ring Based On Its Application

Date: 2018-11-20 16:13:30

      The list of modern equipment that has sprung up in recent times has made the categorization of slip ring a mandate. It is quite a plain fact that there no such universal slip ring which could fit the requirement of such a varied range of equipment. Thus, the slip ring categorization based on their application makes a real case for the optimum use of slip ring depending on the kind of equipment at hand.



      The application of slip ring as mentioned earlier is innumerable and the long list of application is just expanding with new entries that are just changing the face of modern machinery. Earlier, the slip was used to transmit regular power and current signals, but with the passage of time as the slip ring technology has evolved, we have come to terms with new kind of slip ring. They are not bound by regular convention they are have added usage of transmitting high-frequency data signal and in some cases, they are also used to transmit video signals.


      As mentioned earlier the wide application of slip ring has given way to the categorization of the slip ring. Currently, we are not limited to a set of conventional rings. The new addition in the long list of slip ring includes ethernet slip ring, turbine slip ring, electrical slip ring and the latest set of slip rings which formed from the combination of two different set of slip rings called the hybrid slip ring.

      In the modern slip rings can be categorized into four different parts and here we will be discussing three of them, but first let us run through all of the four categories-


.Military slip ring

.Industry slip ring

.Marine slip ring

.wind turbine slip ring


a.Military/ Defense slip ring -


      The nature of military slip ring are rugged they are ideally built to deal with harsh conditions under which most of the military equipment operate. They (military slip rings) are used in FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared Cameras) set up which are immensely used in navigation, target acquisition units, and finally tank turrets. Such slip rings are made up of excellent quality materials which help to extend the lifespan of such slip ring.

b. Industry slip ring

      The industry slip rings have been quite a revolution as they have eliminated the drawbacks of the orthodox slip ring and made the acceptance of modern machinery economically viable. They can be classified into various of the form of modern slip rings like the capsule slip ring, HDMI slip ring, ethernet slip ring and through bore slip ring. Such slip rings are applied in the field of robotics, security industry, modern packaging equipment and last but not the least medical equipment,


C. Marine slip ring

      The marine slip rings are used in iconographic equipment which serves a dual purpose, firstly they are applied in the test set up and secondly, they are used to accentuate the level of output or let's just say returns form the huge investment made to obtain the high-end equipment. Also, the use of marine slip ring is yet to be explored at length and various interesting aspects in terms of usage are yet to be discovered.

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