Drawbacks Of Mechanical Slip Ring And Its Solution

Date: 2018-12-07 14:27:45

      In any form of equipment that is generally mounted on a different form of rotating platform, each set of such equipment incorporates a slip ring. The basic idea behind the application of slip ring is to include an element which could carry out the process of transmission of electrical and power signal from the rotating to a stationary component and vice-versa.

The drawbacks of a mechanical slip ring

      The mechanical slip rings were tuned to the task of transmission of a different kind of signals, but at the same time, there was a possible drawback that crept in the system.

      As mentioned earlier, the mechanical slip ring was quite handy in transmitting different power and electrical signals. But in the case of high-end equipment, the need for transmitting such signals, combined with the higher rate of transmission frequency, was unattainable, as this was something that the mechanical slip rings were not designed for.

      The slip ring manufacturer now had a task in hand, which was to provide a rotatory solution in the form of a newer kind of slip ring or rotatory coupling system, which could eliminate the flaws of the mechanical slip ring.

      Here, the problem was not just limited to catering to the need of a high-speed transmission. Also, in some cases, the transmission of the high-frequency data signal is equally necessary as the transmission of other kinds of signals.

      However, the fact is that the transmission of such signals introduces noise due to excess friction, which in turn makes way for crosstalk. The addition, such element is certainly not suitable for the appropriate functioning of the slip ring and equipment at large.

      The problem delves deeper than just than just crosstalk in an aerial rotating system, the reason being, even when the transmission limits is fine-tuned to the slip ring capacity gradually with increases in the operational timeframe, the performance level begins to drop due to the continuous rotating motion of the equipment at hand.

What's the solution?

      Certainly, with the developing slip ring technology, we have come to a potential solution to the above problems. This time around, the answer lies in the fiber optic technology. It essentially brought into the scheme of thing, the frictionless method of coupling. The word frictionless acts as magic as it takes the noise and cross-talk out of the equation. With unwanted element out of the system, the longevity in the process of transmission of the signal was ascertained along with keeping the quality functioning of slip ring assy intact.

      The incorporation of the optical system brought a host of other advantages with itself. To be precise, the system of electrical isolation eliminated the several grounding and safety problem. The roots of such problems were electromagnetic interference and compatibility.

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