The Opposite Spectrum Of Slip Ring Application

Date: 2018-12-24 16:42:32

      The list of slip ring application is something which just keeps on increasing as the time goes by. Also, technological spurt plays a key role in the same. But, it is not just the quantum of application that makes the prominence of the slip ring visible. The wide spectrum of application also adds to the element of visibility.

      It is interesting to note that the slip ring used in the core industrial process and at the same time, they are also employed in equipment used in amusement parks. Now, these two applications of the conductive ring are in stark contrast to each other.



      On one hand, we hand we have industrial machines which are used in production plants and on the other hand, we have equipment used in an amusement park which is primarily a place for fun.

More examples

      There are various other examples which highlight the contrast in the application. Let us consider the application of the conductive ring in the medical field and in military equipment. These two fields have barely anything in common, but the use of a slip ring may count as a similarity in both the fields.

      The slip ring manufacturers have specially designed a specific set of slip ring called the ct slip rings which are used in CT scan machines and other similar medical equipment. While on the other hand, the slip ring used in military fields includes high-speed slip ring and high-frequency slip ring. The high-frequency slip ring is used in data communication which is closely related to the transmission of data signals. The high-speed slip rings are used for transmission of electric signals along with matching up to the rotational speed.



      Another contrasting set of application of slip ring can be seen in the field of turbines and gaming fields. Much to amaze of the users, this contrasting application of slip ring is something which could hardly be imagined with the presence of orthodox slip ring.

      In the case of wind turbines harnessing wind energy, initially was not as simple as it is now. The turbine setup required a slip ring which could continuously transmit the power and electrical signal. Today, this is achieved through a special set of slip ring called turbine slip ring which easily meets the requirement of continuous transmission requirement with minimum friction.



      Coming to the application of the slip ring in the field of gaming section. The type of slip ring which is quite commonly used in the gaming field is usb slip ring and it is used in combination of HDMI slip ring.

      The USB slip ring is used in the transmission of important data signals much akin to the ethernet slip ring. While the HDMI slip ring, as the name suggests is used for transiting HD video signals to add to the level of clarity and enhance the gaming experience.

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