Industrial joint-Electronical slip ring

    Industrial joints, a lot of people will think of bearing, actually otherwise, in electronical slip ring industry, a lot of people would say that theelectronica slip ring is intelligent robot joints in the future. Among them, in the high-end equipment and intelligent automation equipment, the key technology of parts is electronical slip ring joints, all the instructions last achieve joint motors, transmission signal and current by electronical slip ring in rotary joints, and control the activities of the joint, and to realize intelligent robot`s ultimate vision. To achieve machine for the service of humanity, it is necessary to mechanical equipment such as the human body, have a lot of flexible joints to support activities. With the rise of modern industry, human beings by creating and using a variety of machine tools, the productivity has been greatly improved, the production and the production cost is greatly reduced, due to the exploration of the human spirit and the pursuit of spirit, fully automatic and semi-automatic machinery and equipment has become a goal in industrial robot manufacturing

    Nowadays, electronical brush become a mainstream. As we all know, the past carbon brush electronical slip ring with large volume, resulting in a lot of machinery and equipment have to very large overall manufacturing equipment to adapt to, and life is not long, carbon brush easy to wear, over a period of time have to be in a new carbon brush, maintain and use is very inconvenient. After that a copper ring brush and precious metal brush has appeared, this electronical slip ring has longer working life, more stability, because brush is very fine,all brush slip ring can make the small size of the process, there are a lot of miniature electronical slip ring in the market now, most of them are made of electronical brush. Advantages and more advanced is mercury slip ring, transmission current is big, revolution is fast, long service life. Fatal weakness is expensive, general machinery and equipment with the machine after prices rose sharply, reduced competitiveness in the market, So this kind of electronical slip ring generally used in high-end equipment and precision instruments, as well as the laboratory, dosage is not very big. In all robot research countries, of which Japan is a country of the earliest engaged in the study of robot, due to Japan have a large population in a small area, science and technology is more advanced, so Japan work on robot is more practical value

    In the 1970 s when the first robot was developed, it; very slow, only do some simple movements, rather than a robot, a kind of mechanical device look like a man. With the progress of the world industrial manufacturing, and the level of technology improve, especially the use of the microcomputer technology and CPU, making the development of robots has a qualitative increase. Modern robot not only has the agile skill, they still have some thinking and imitation of the brain. Brain technology to benefit from the powerful computation ability and CPU processing power, and the agile skill from slip ring of technology improving. Type of slip ring from the carbon brush to electronical brush, and mercury slip ring now, technology is more and more advanced, more and more high efficiency, also smaller volume

    Electronical slip ring plays an very important role in the process of manufacturing and research of intelligent robots, the improvement of technology, the progress of processing, so that the electronical slip ring this special parts play an indispensable role. Becoming industrial joints is the future trend of inevitable, is also the ultimate goal of miniature electronical slip ring industry development.

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