Conductive Ring and Optical Fiber Slip Ring

Date: 2018-12-25 16:25:50

      The pattern of the conductive ring that we have coming across in the recent past has been the result of the constant effort put in by the slip ring manufacturer. The use of a conventional slip ring had caused a series of issues that brought down the efficiency level. The major issues with the conventional slip ring was the incapability of meeting with the transmission requirement. This was not the only problem with the use of a conventional slip ring.



      These conventional slip rings also have limited transmission capability as it could be used only to send power signals. But with the advancement of the equipment, the need for such a slip ring became innate which could transmit various kind of signal.

Introduction of the optical slip ring


      As mentioned earlier, the conventional slip ring had some issue related to the transmission of the type of signal. One such issue is related to the transmission of optical signal.


      To cope up with the transmission of the optical signal, we now have the fiber optic slip ring. The categorization of such form of slip ring is crucial and needs to be acquainted with for proper application.



The two forms of fiber optic slip ring are known as the active fiber optic connector and passive fiber optic connector. Now, understanding both forms of fiber optic slip ring will give us an idea about the application of the same in a broader sense.

The active fiber connector

      This form of the optic connector is designed in such a way that it is slightly heavier and installation of such slip ring is more complicated than any other forms. It too has a fewer number of channels of transmission as compared to the passive optic fiber connector.


The categorization of the active fiber optic connector is further based on a number of channels as single, dual and multi. The use of various forms of fiber optic slip ring with a number of optic channels is based on the equipment at hand.

      The complex pattern of the slip ring, on one hand, poses some serious installation problem. But on the other hand, at the cost of installation space, we have a slip ring which could transmit the heavy load of electrical and optical signals.



Passive fiber connector

      The passive optic fiber, in stark contrast to its counterparts, can be easily installed without much of a fuss. The transmission of signal in such form of connectors takes place through a limited number of channels.

      However, be it the fiber optic connector of any type the basic functionality of the slip ring which is to transmit the optical signals, it does not get tampered. It is the only with time that we might see an improvement in slip ring technology, which might make way for the introduction of a newer form of such slip ring.

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