MFO200 Series
2 Channels Optical Rotary Joints, Single-Mode or Multi-Mode
MFO200 slip rings
  • MFO200 series optical rotary joint and optical slip ring support 2 channel fiber optics, including single-mode and multi-mode. It can perfectly transmit fiber data on 360°rotating. 2 channel optical rotary joints and optical slip rings are also especially suitable for occasion where it needs to transmit large volume data/signal from permanent position to rotation position on unlimited, continuous or discontinuous rotating, which can improve mechanical property,simplify system operation and avoid the rotating of turning joints destroy fiber optics.
  • Low insertion loss, high rotation speed, up to 2000RPM
  • Non-contact, zero friction, long working life, can achieve one hundred million revolutions
  • Moflon's optical rotary joints and optical slip rings are compact in size, in light weight, high sealing class
  • Transmitting signal by fiber optics, no leaks,no electromagnetic interference, long-distance transmission
Standard series PART# Explanation

Specifications of Optical Slip Ring
Max insert Loss,23℃(dB)43.5
Insert Loss Ripple(dB)21
Return Loss(dB)≥50(APC)≥40(PC)
Max Power(W)0.5
Max speed(rpm)250
Working Life>200 million revs
Working Temp.(℃)-45~85
Storage Temperature(℃)-50~85
Protection gradeIP54

If you require specialized dimension for 2 channel optical rotary joints and optical slip rings, please contact us: technical@moflon.com

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