Technical Parameters Required to Customize A Certain Set Of Slip Ring

Date: 2018-12-25 16:27:16

      The widespread application of slip ring is not just the result of the different types of conductive rings at bay, but as a matter of fact, there are several other factors that bolstered the application. Along with the diversity in the kind of slip ring, the customization aspect has added the required impetus in the use of a slip ring.



Importance of customization of the slip ring

      The importance of customization of slip ring has already been established with the passage of time. However, somewhere down the line, the importance has not been communicated properly.

      The conventional set of slip ring, that initially came into the scene, had a simple design structure and the need for customization was trivial. Thus, it made complete sense when connected to the lack of slip ring application.

      Now with the slip ring technology changing at an unparalleled speed, the need for the conductive ring led by customization became the need of the hour.

      The slip ring manufacturer designed it (slip ring) in such a way that adding a new element through customization became easier and natural.



      As the process of customization was made simpler, the application of slip ring rose to an all new level. The leap in the application can be ascertained with the diverse fields which it encompasses. Right from its application in the defense field to satellite communication the prevalence of slip ring just came to the forefront.

      Having established the importance of customization of the slip ring, the need for understanding the parameters is also important. The customization of slip ring has to be undertaken with reference to certain parameters which will be discussed here.

Parameters for customization

      There are various factors that need to be taken into consideration before entering the whole customization process. These parameters, if not complied with, make the customization ineffective.

Also, entering the customization phase itself requires certain boxes to be checked or else changes cannot be made in the slip ring.

The size of the slip ring

Before incorporating any form of customization, it has to be checked that the size of the ring does not deviate from the standards.



Number of channels in the slip ring

      The circuit connection and seamless flow of electric signals are attained through the channels. Also. a number of channels, that need to be included in the system, varies. If the number of channels is not maintained properly, the whole transmission process falls apart.

The lifespan of the conductive ring

      Generally, it is assumed that any form of customization will have a positive impact on the life of the slip ring. But this is not the case always and it depends on the structure of the slip ring as it can backfire in some cases.

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