Uses and Advantages Of Ethernet And HD Slip Rings

Date: 2018-12-26 16:16:58

      The ethernet slip ring solution is capable to provide a reliable solution for the transfer of Ethernet protocol through continuous rotating devices. The ethernet slip rings are designed to reduce the crosstalk, impedance and the loss of data. They have multiple combinations to be best suited as per the needs of the industries and consumers.



Selecting the right slip rings

      There are a few important parameters to be considered for the selection of materials for the Ethernet slip ring rotor. The Ethernet slip rings are used in critical machinery, so the insertion loss, crosstalk and return loss need to be taken into account. These parameters help in the determination of the signal to noise ratio of the transmission. The transmission will lose value if the signal the ratio of the noise is high and this, in turn, will give rise to Bit Error Rate (BER).



Applications of Ethernet Slip Rings

      10/ 100/ 1000 based transmissions require the use of the Ethernet slip rings for the precision provided by the slip rings in the signal transmission.

      Used of the slip rings in motion control devices as they require and precise transmission only achievable by the use of Ethernet slip ring.

Video signals output requires the use of Ethernet slip rings as they can achieve a continuous and precise transmission.

CCTV IP-surveillance requires the extensive use of Ethernet slip rings.



Advantages of the Use of Ethernet Slip Rings

      The slip rings can transmit various signals and the signals are transmitted with great precision as there is no loss of transmission. This is because the brushes in the slip ring assembly are made up of advanced fiber which reduces the corrosion and vibration caused due to corrosion. This helps in reducing the noise of the transmission and minimizes the loss of data in transmission. The risk of displacement of the brushes from the respective conductive ring surfaces is reduced as the conductive rings are fitted with grooves and it helps to keep the brushes on the grooves in case of high vibration due to external factors. This reduces the insertion loss and returns loss.

      The crosstalk is reduced by the use of good insulation and insulating the conductive rings, the brushes and the brush holders from each other. This ensures the separated brushes and the conductive rings do not come in contact with each other causing a cross connection due to the mix up of the signals. They also have a long lifespan as the requirement of regular maintenance and the cost replacement of the worn-out parts is less. This is because the corrosion is minimum or negligible.

      The requirements of the slip rings are ever increasing and the with an increase in the research and development of the slip rings the slip rings are able to achieve better functionality which increases the need for slip rings. So they will also be a crucial part of the domestic households.

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