Rotary Joints Used For HDMI

Date: 2018-12-25 16:28:29

      There are certain slip rings which are highly recommended for used in HDMI or 3G-SDI or 6G-SDI or DP signal transmission. They generally comprise of a housing made of aluminum alloyed, brushes made of precious metals and have a protection level of IP65. They have customizable wire lengths to suit the needs of the industries they are used in. They are made waterproof, vibration resistant and pressure proof. They have a long service life generally and can provide up to 10 million rotations. Their reliability in the signal transmission increases the use of the slip rings for HDMI/3G-SDI/6G-SDI/DP.



Insulation and Sealing

      The slip ring assembly requires transmitting signals without interference and without the signals being mixed with each other and in turn hampering the transmission. The process of insulation of the wires, conductive rings and the brushes from each other ensure the transmission is precise and there is no mix up of the signals. This also reduces the chances of corrosion as the internal parts are covered with insulating material.

      The housing of the slip ring is also made of aluminum and is sealed properly so as not to allow any materials from the outside environment to enter into the internal parts of the rotary joint. If dust and debris from the outside environment enter into the internal parts of the apparatus then it will cause the corrosion of the polished surface of the rings and the precious metal brushes. This will cause electrical noise and increase the vibration of the equipment. Due to the housing being sealed it is also waterproof.



Precise Transmission and Low Maintenance

      The brushes used in the slip ring rotor are made of precious metals. This allows the smooth and precise transmission of the signals as the precious metals are a very good conductor of electricity. The use of precious metals also reduces the risk of corrosion as the precious metals are less reactive to any chemicals as well as the corrosion due to friction is less. This is also facilitated by the springs of the brushes and the polished surface of the conductive rings. This ensures the precise transmission without electrical noise or loss in transmission and reduction in vibration due to the generation of debris as a result of the corrosion of the rings and the brushes.



      The debris generated due to friction the internal parts of the slip ring may cause the rings or the brushes to be dislocated. They also may accumulate in the internal parts and may cause the machine to stop hampering the production. Since the debris generation is less the need for regular cleaning of the parts and the cost of replacement of the worn out parts is less. And thus the cost of maintenance of the equipment goes down and the service life of the equipment increases.

      Slip rings have revolutionized the industrial sector and slowly finding their place in the households as well. They have brought about a new era. Due to their invaluable use in the different industries and households the slip rings are becoming a more commonly used device almost every sector of human life.

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