How to Maintain the Equipment of Wind Power Slip Ring?

Date: 2016-04-16 09:08:19

      After wind power slip rings have been used for some time, they have always different problems. Many customers feel that not much can be done to solve these problems. On this point, some experts give some advice. Customers can carry out the operation according to the instruction.

      It’s obvious that many researchers also know the point on software maintenance. Here we just briefly talk about the maintenance. The first step for maintenance is to conduct software maintenance. Otherwise, it might cause the electrical equipment to jam.

      Then, we will talk about the operating steps. To shut down the power of the electrical equipment is needed for first step, and ensure that the power cord has been pulled up from the socket. Only in this way, the power can be completely shut off. Next, long presses the power button of the electrical equipment and at the same time reconnect the power cord, and then we can see the power light is on a normal state. Following, long press the power button and press the four feed button at the same time.

      At this time, some changes have taken place in the power led of electrical equipment. The color changes of power led are closely related with the type of the electrical equipment.

      Different types of electrical equipments have different changes. After the change, we can release the power button, and wait for the restarting of the electrical equipment. Then the power led will go out. Last, we just need to restart. If the electrical equipment is normal as before, it will be ok to connect computer.

      If not, just repeat steps above for several times, and at most time, it will return to normal. If this doesn’t work any more, then we need the experts to work on the repairs.

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