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Intelligent application for slip rings

Today, we have entered the era of rapid development of science and technology, more and more intelligent products into our production and life, intelligent products in solving the problems in our reality, but also put forward higher requirements to themselves, for example, a variety of complex transmission apparatus, an information receiving system, the control system, combined together as a whole, alone of all kinds of power, signal transmission requires high performance of the slip ring to solve. Like intelligent robots, a lot of joints need to implement the parts in the operation 360 �� unlimited power, signal uninterrupted transmission. These make wide range of applications of the slip ring in the field of intelligence, and its high efficiency, stability become irreplaceable, of course, the requirements for through bore slip ring increasingly higher and higher.

Like large current slip ring`s application in intelligent robot is a model of success in high-tech fields. The reason why the intelligent robot smart, because it needs to have the ability to independently deal with a series of questions, and can accept external commands in the task execution process, to improve the ability to solve problems in practical applications. Then it needs the external message receiving, identifying, processing capability, the information including the video signal, the signal of the infrared scanning signals, ultrasonic signals, electromagnetic signals, etc., after receiving these information, first, to change these raw signal through processor conversion into the digital signals that intelligent robot can recognize, after the analysis process, and then according to the pre-set program to match, response and execute. In the implementation process, but also to achieve human-computer interaction, directly accept a variety of instructions. This will involve a variety of complex signals, as well as power transmission problems, so when using the capsule slip ring, we must consider the interaction and the mutual inductance effects between the various signals is very big, the contact point of slip brush and ring road can not be shielding effectively, the capacitive coupling will be very serious. The slip ring designed by MOFLON specifically considering comprehensive from the structure and wiring of the electrical slip ring, can entirely avoid the electromagnetic interference between the power and the signal, between the signal and the signal, and the outside to the internal of the slip ring.

The applications of the fiber optics slip ring are relatively wide, such as manufacturing and process control systems, intelligent video surveillance, rotation sensors, emergency lighting equipment, construction machinery, medical equipment, packaging equipment, revolving doors, mining equipment, play equipment, aerospace, radar, wind power, submarine operations, and so on a variety of civilian, military and high-end equipment.
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